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  • 1z0-027 dumps, Oracle Exadata Certification, 1Z0-027 questions
    If you hear phrase Exadata, what is the very first thing which comes to your thoughts? Now the time is perfect for Exadata Database Machine Administrator (DMA), even better than conventional DBA who can handle whole setup together with network, storage, server, working system, database, grid, asm and so on. To get this job it's a must to display your ability to the client which is undoubtedly 50% fulfilled if you're Exadata certified. If you happen to go to any Oracle customers who're on conventional oracle setup, all are considering swap to the Exadata machine due to many benefits for enterprise as effective operational needs.
    The extent of job demand of Oracle Exadata continues to develop with every new model of Exadata around the globe. A number of Oracle professionals are there however, if you're certified with Exadata then it will increase your visibility and enhance the possibility to get a job with excessive wage. It would additionally assist you to be forward than others who're nonetheless working as conventional DBAs.

    Features and Benefits of Oracle Exadata

    It has Two or eight socket database servers with the latest x86 processors, scale-out storage servers with 3D V-NAND NVMe PCIe Flash playing cards, 8 TB helium-filled disk drives, and InfiniBand connectivity. It assumes Highest-performance and most accessible infrastructure for working Oracle Database. Oracle Exadata is Engineered for quick, dependable deployment. It is also known to achieves memory-level efficiency utilising shared flash

    Know The Reason To Value Oracle Exadata

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    Jan 9 2017 - 11:27
  • 1Z0-516 study guide, 1Z0-517 study guide, 1Z0-518 study guide, Oracle Receivables certification, Oracle Payables certification, Oracle General Ledger certification, E-Business Suite Financial Management Certification, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle career, E-Business Suite Financial Management Jobs
    If you are one of those professionals who desire to move ahead in the career with informed choices, then Oracle E-Business Suite Financial Management is quite beneficial for you. R12 Oracle E-Business Suite Financials applications is such a course that will help streamline as well as automate all your business processes. It will make you more informed while improving the operations of the company that you work for and even reduce the cost.

    Designed to boost your career in E-Business Suite Financial Management

    The marketplace is competitive these days, especially for securing a well-paid job. Professionals nowadays make sure that they have something different that can set them apart from the similar job aspirants. Hence, the choice to pursue Oracle certified courses, especially E-Business Suite Financial Management.You have the choice of selecting a recommended course or even advanced topics from several Oracle E-Business Suite Financials focus areas.
    The curriculum of the Oracle University for R12 Oracle E-Business Suite is designed to meet the objectives set by the learner. You should enhance your skills with this course and hence, move ahead in the existing organization. With such a degree in your resume, you can even make a choice...
    Nov 15 2016 - 06:41
  • Oracle Java Certification, Java Training, Java Certification Questions
    Move your career a step ahead with Java programmer certification by Oracle. It will certainly enhance your potential and give your professional career a much-required boost. Whether or not for job prospects, candidates who desire to rise in their career, should know about Java, especially those who are switching from a different language. Java certification gives an edge to beginners for sure. 
    The fact is that when you are thinking here whether to get Java certification or not, there are already 30,000 Java developers who decided to get certified on Java, every year. The number is already on the rise. For one who is confused whether to take Java certification or not, there is an example. If an employer has two options, one candidate is Java certified, and other is not, then the company will most probably make a choice of the former. 

    The Rising Demand of Java

    Java developers have come a long way. They use their skills and knowledge acquired through Java certification to get more job prospects and indeed, earn an excellent pay package. They are some of the most respected employees in their organizations. You might not be aware of the fact that there are more than 3 billion devices in the world that are running Java. Such persuades the top companies in the world to chase the best Java programmers in the field for maintaining the critical applications. The fact is that Java remains the top development platform and most preferred language for enterprise development. As many as 97% of desktops in the world run on Java. This ensures that Java programmers will always remain in demand. However, companies look for well-trained and highly skilled Java developers. 

    How Java certification helps

    Aug 24 2016 - 09:08
  • Oracle Solaris, Oracle Solaris 11 Certification, Solaris 11 Training, Oracle Solaris Administrator
    Oracle Solaris is recognized for allowing clientele to build secure, compliant and very efficient cloud environment. The most advanced enterprise operating system, Oracle Solaris 11 has been delivering simplicity, security as well as speed for enterprise cloud environments and DevOps. It is designed to incorporate comprehensive OpenStack distribution. This helps bring its functionalities to different enterprise environments.
    Further, it stops malware before it attacks and gets in the software. Oracle Solaris 11 delivers optimization and innovation for oracle database, middleware and application deployments. 

    What is Solaris 11 certification?

    Oracle Solaris 11 certification is quite contemporary and unique. It is designed for those candidates who already have an in-depth knowledge and strong foundation in Oracle Solaris 11 operating system’s administration at the OCA level. It is meant for those candidates who already have gained the skill of the OS at the OCP level and is conversant with the fundamentals of the UNIX operating system, commands and utilities. 
    Level of Certification Exam Name
    Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
    1Z0-821: Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration
    Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

    1Z0-822: Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration


    Jul 14 2016 - 14:02
  • Why To Earn Oracle Certificaiton?

    Earn a well-respected credential to demonstrate IT expertise in the marketplace. Over 90% of certification candidates say they get certified to increase knowledge or skills. The same percentage say Oracle Certifications give them credibility when looking for a new job. 

    Experience the Benefits of Oralce Certification

    • The work & study required to prepare for certification exams broadens your knowledge by exposing you to a wide variety of essential functions, features & tasks.
    • Earn a well-respected credential to gain a competitive advantage in the IT job market.

    What Is Oracle Certification?

    3 Reasons to Invest in Oracle Certifications

    • Gain a competitive advantage by developing a skill set that's in demand, worldwide.
    • Join the 80% of Oracle certification holders who reported a promotion, salary increase or other career improvements.
    • Receive 90 days of free access to Oracle Learning Streams.


    Apr 14 2016 - 05:53
  • 1) Explore Certifications

    Choose a certification to pursue based on the technology area that interests you.
    a) Database
    Oracle Database technology is used by the world's leading companies to manage critical business functions, systems and processes, with 305,000 top companies trusting their critical systems to Oracle Database. By investing the time to earn Oracle Database Certifications, you'll develop the expertise you need to work on the number one database in the world - on the number one embedded database technology.
    b) Java and Middleware
    Oracle Java and Middleware Certifications combine Java, the number one development platform, and Oracle Fusion Middleware, the number one application infrastructure available, into one category. Pursuing these certifications, which include Business Intelligence, Application Server, Identity Management, Oracle Cloud and more, helps you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become better at your job.
    c) Applications
    Earning Oracle Applications Certifications not only gives you credibility among your peers and hiring managers; you'll also gain the knowledge and skills to save time and resources by implementing and using cutting-edge Oracle Applications. Choose from more than 64 Oracle Applications Certifications...
    Mar 17 2016 - 11:33
  • Let us share the most commonly asked questions and answers about Java SE 8 certification by the candidates from all over the glob.
    1) For the Java SE 8 Certifications, why is Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) now a prerequisite for Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)?
    Skills learned while preparing for an Oracle Certified Associate are critical fundamental skills, providing a strong foundation. The Oracle Certified Associate is a prerequisite certification for those pursuing a more advanced level, Oracle Certified Professional. This level measures a deeper more specific possession of skill, proving enhanced abilities and knowledge in the industry.
    2) How different are the Java SE 8 certifications compared to the Java SE 7 certifications?
    Java SE 8 contains several long-awaited new features such as 'Date and Time API' and 'Lambda expressions'. Since Java Language Specification has been updated for these new features, the experienced Java developers also need to learn the new style of coding. Oracle University supports the Java Developer’s further success by this Certification Program that will prove the skill of Java SE 8.
    3) I have been working as a Java Developer for years. Why should I get Java Certified?
    Jan 10 2016 - 10:54
  • Oracle DBA certification, DBA Certification path, Oracle exam dumps, DBA exam dumps
    Before we look at Oracle certified DBA career opportunities we should learn something about Oracle DBA certification. This certification is very helpful and is recognized as a valid qualification. If you are able to gather substantial amount of work experience as an Oracle database engineer, you will gain a lot of knowledge and skills that will prove to be beneficial later on. You have to have a clear vision about where you want to take your career, so select an area that you are interested in. These certifications usually cover all from an associate to a master. The good news is that an Oracle DBA certification has more than 100 areas that deal in database, support and software.
    If you are serious about Oracle certified DBA career opportunities you should inquire with the HR in your company regarding the different training modules. After that make sure you enroll at some classes in a local college or at some technical school. These certification tests are conducted in IT institutions. Most of the courses focuses in making the candidates understand the very concept of Oracle. You will be required to go through the various manuals and publications related to the DBA certification path. Try to organize group study with other students. After you have been through all the classes, you will have to give an exam at a particular venue. These are some of the vital facts that you should keep in mind about the oracle DBA certification. If you want to climb the ladder in your profession this certification is a must. This will surely help you improve your resume. You can also consider doing research on the internet to read important tips.


    Oct 20 2015 - 10:06
  • oracle career path, oracle certification, OCA, OCP, OCE

    One of the big players in the IT market, Oracle Systems Corporation came into being in 1977. Since then the company has established an impressive client base (which includes about 97% of the Fortune 500 companies) with their offerings of database software, engineered systems, Cloud solutions and servers. Oracle has also come to introduce an impressive amount of 300 Certification courses for IT professionals through the Oracle University. Oracle impresses with the sheer number of certification courses available which exceeds the likes of even Microsoft and Cisco.

    A certification course from Oracle acts as a validation of a professional's skills and credentials. Undoubtedly, companies using Oracle product prefer to hire candidates whose credibility is enhanced by Certificates issued by the Oracle University. Keeping in mind the vast client base of Oracle, it is easy to guess the amount of career opportunities that an Oracle certified professional might be able to avail. The training and certification arm of the company, indeed offers quality training focused on Oracle products.

    The Oracle University offers a rich mix of varied courses and curriculum which delve into areas beyond database. The certification courses offered can be broadly subdivided into nine categories:

    • Applications...
    Sep 1 2015 - 09:49
  • Oracle Certification, Oracle CareerFor candidates at every stage of life, learning is all about refining your present condition and safeguarding your future. Whatsoever background we come from, each of us wants steadiness now and security in the years ahead. More than anything else you control about your life, education is what will make those desires a reality — and in 2015, technology education is just about the best kind you can have. Each idea you study is a brick in the path that leads to educational and practical credentials now, a reliable full-time job in the short term, and comfort and safety down the road.

    How Oracle Certification Really Affect Your Paycheck?

    Earnings for Oracle Certified Professionals (OCP) raised nearly 7-8% previous year agreeing to the 2015 Annual Salary Survey lately published by Certification Journal.
    All Major Oracle certifications levels made the Most Popular list of 75.
    Here is how Oracle certifications placed in the yearly review of over 700 certifications by average total salary:
    • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) ranked at 44
    • Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) ranked at 58
    • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) ranked at 63
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    Jul 2 2015 - 09:56