Oracle 1Z0-434 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-434 Sample Questions:

01. Which two statements are true about working with tasks in Business Process Workspace?
a) A user can create personal to-do tasks that are unassociated with a process instance.
b) Delegating a task means to transfer the task to another user or group.
c) You can see how long each completed step has taken to finish.
d) You can display the process model and view the path a process instance has taken.
02. Which two statements are true about composite applications and mediators?
a) A composite application decouples the interface from business logic.
b) A composite application exposes a process as a web service.
c) A mediator exposes a process as a web service.
d) A mediator decouples the interface from business logic in a composite application.
03. You want to monitor a specific BPEL process variable in your process. You have all the capabilities of Oracle SOA Suite at your disposal. Which approach do you take if you want the variable data written to a JMS  queue to be processed by another application?
a) Identify the variable as a key performance indicator (KPI) and track it in BAM.
b) Use a composite sensor on the appropriate service or reference binding.
c) Use a BPEL Process Manager sensor to collect the value and context.
d) Use Oracle Event Processing (OEP) to monitor the activities being executed in the BPEL process.
04. Identify four situations in which you can configure a notification for a human task.
a) task created
b) task completed
c) task opened in workspace
d) task errored
e) outcome updated
f) task assigned
05. A company wants to use Oracle SOA Suite to support a zero message loss system. Which three Oracle Adapters can the company use?
a) JMS Adapter
b) Database Adapter
c) EJB Adapter
d) File/FTP Adapter
e) Socket Adapter
06. What does the Oracle B2B component do for an end-to-end EDI transaction?
a) EDI translation, validation, and transformation
b) only EDI translation and validation, but not transformation
c) only transformation, but not translation or validation
d) defines EDI documents, but does not do translation, validation, or transformation
07. Which three design considerations apply to an IF-THEN rule?
a) A rule function can be called.
b) Aggregations such as count, max, and average can be used.
c) A while loop can be employed.
d) Fact object structures can be changed.
e) A BPEL scope variable can be defined.
08. You have developed a BPEL process with a Switch activity using the BPEL 1.1 specification. As part of the upgrade to SOA 12c, you are redesigning the BPEL process to use the BPEL 2.0 specification. Identify the right approach.
a) Replace the Switch activity with a While activity.
b) Replace the Switch activity with an If activity.
c) Replace the Switch activity with a Repeat Until activity.
d) Replace the Switch activity with a For Each activity.
09. You expand a business rule component that a colleague added to the BPEL process. You see an Assign element named Facts_To_Rule_Service. Which statement is true about this Assign element?
a) It was added automatically based on entries that your colleague made in the dialog box that appeared when the business rule component was added to the BPEL model.
b) Your colleague manually added this Assign element after adding the business rule component to the BPEL model.
c) This Assign element was automatically added when your colleague manually added the corresponding Rule_Service_To_Facts Assign to the BPEL model.
d) You can delete this Assign because it was created for documentation purposes only. 
10. Which statement is true about the relationship between the WSDL and the JCA binding file when working with an Oracle Adapter at design time?
a) The WSDL references the appropriate JCA binding file for each applicable operation in the WSDL “binding” element.
b) All operations defined in the WSDL must be mapped to activation specifications in the JCA binding file.
c) The JCA binding file defines default adapter property values for each applicable operation defined in the WSDL.
d) There is no direct relationship between the WSDL and the JCA binding file at design time.



Answer: a, d


Answer: b, d


Answer: c


Answer: b, d, e, f


Answer: a, b, c


Answer: b


Answer: a, b, c


Answer: b


Answer: a


Answer: c

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