Oracle 1Z0-511 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-511 Sample Questions:

01. A company has different organization requirements for HR, Payroll, Finance, and Projects. How can the company achieve this?
a) Byconfiguring a shared organization hierarchy
b) By configuring a shared organization hierarchy forProjects and Payroll
c) By configuringashared organization hierarchy for Finance and Payroll
d) By configuring separate organization hierarchies for each application
02. A customer enables transaction controls at the Project level. Oracle Project Costing checks the control when the customer.
a) entersaproject-related invoice distributionin Oracle Payables
b) runsthe PRC: Transaction Import concurrent program
c) transfers an expenditure item to another task of the same project
d) runs the PRC: Distribute Labor Costs concurrent program
e) enters an online or preapproved expenditureitem
03. A customer needs to enable all employees to enter timecards through the web against projects and tasks. What needs to be implemented to allow time to be recorded in Projects?
a) OracleTimeandLaborPayrollPurchasing
b) Project CostingProjectManufacturingHuman Resources
c) Projects Resource ManagementOracleTime and LaborHuman Resources
d) Project CostingOracleTimeandLaborHuman Resources
e) Project CostingOracle Time and LaborHumanResourcesPayroll
04. A project has two customer billing elements. One part of the project is based on a fixed fee and the other part is a variable based on a cost plus basis. The customer requires separate invoices for fixed fee elements and variable works elements. How can agreements be used to provide separate invoices?
a) Createeach element as a top task and implement top task billing for the project.
b) Use billing events and create separate events per purchase order.
c) Create oneagreement and fund the project.
d) Create each element as a top task on the project and create an agreement for variable works and onefor fixed fee.Then fund the project at the top task level.
e) Have one agreement and create an invoice grouping rule in Accounts Receivable.
05. An organization posts project costs to the balance sheet as they are incurred. Each month they recognize project revenue on each project. Select the option that ensures that costs are credited from the balance sheet and debited to profit and loss as revenue is recognized.
a) Use events for project revenue and use GL journals to carry outthe relevant account postings.
b) Implement a projectrevenueextensionwithappropriate event types and AutoAccountingdefinition.
c) Usemiscellaneoustransactions to generate revenue with the appropriate AutoAccountingdefinition.
d) Use preapproved batches with a class type of "Work in Process" to generate revenue withthe appropriate AutoAccounting definition.
06. Identify two ways to ensure that correct class category codes are recorded against relevant projects.
a) Define the class category as mandatory In the quick entry of the relevant templates.
b) Define as single template that has the class category already defined.
c) Define a project status workflow that checks whether the class category is definedbeforechanging a project status.
d) Define the class category as mandatory on relevant project types.
e) Includea"Not applicable" code in the class category definition.
07. What type of project will a company require to use Organization Forecasting?
a) Organization Planning Project
b) capital project
c) contract project
d) Administration Project
e) multi-function project
08. Which project class type can include revenue budgets?
a) Capital and Indirect
b) Indirect 
c) Capital
d) Contract
e) Capital and Contract
09. Which three types of People Resources does Oracle Projects support?
a) Team Roles
b) Item
c) Straight Time
d) Jobs
e) Named Person
10. Your company wants to define all its equipments as Non-Labor resources to track the cost incurred on the usage of these equipments, when defining the equipment. When defining the equipment as a Non-Labor resource in the system, you need to assign an expenditure type to it. What kind of expenditure type to it. What kind of expenditure type can be assigned to a Non-Labor resource?
a) expenditure type defined withExpenditureType Class as Work in Process
b) expenditure type defined with ExpenditureType Class as Burden transactions
c) expenditure type defined withExpenditure Type Class as Supplier Invoices
d) expenditure type defined with Expenditure Type Class as Usages
e) expenditure type defined with Expenditure Type Class as Miscellaneous Transactions




Answer: b


Answer: e


Answer: e


Answer: d


Answer: b


Answer: a, d


Answer: c


Answer: d


Answer: a, d, e


Answer: e

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