Oracle 1Z0-525 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-525 Sample Questions:

01. Which three calendar types are supported by BI Applications 7.9.6 release?
a) Enterprise
b) 13 Period, 4-4-5
c) Fiscal and Gregorian
d) 15 Period
02. Which is not a customized face or dimension table?
a) wc_xxx_f
b) w_xxx_f
c) wc_xxx_fs
d) wc_xxx_a
03. Which three tasks is DAC capable of handling Data Warehouse connection information?
a) Managing an Informatica workflow.
b) Executing an external program.
c) Running a SQL file.
d) Performing a database Backup/Restore.
04. Considering loading a fact named w_xxx_a, what is the exact sequence in which the mappings related to fact are loaded?
a) SED-> PLP-> SIL
b) SDE-> SIL -> PLP
c) SIL -> SED-> PLP
d) PLP-> SIL-> SED
05. Which combination of the following machines reprents an appropriate architecture for an Oracle BI Applications inplementation?
i. Machine A running DAC Server and DAC Client
ii. Machine B running DAC Server and Informatica Services
iii. Machine C running Informatica Services and Informatica Client tools 
iv. Machine D running DAC Client and Informatica Client tools
v. Machine E running DAC server and client, nformatica services and Client tools 
vi. Machine F running Oracle BI EE components
vii. Machine G running an Oracle Database hosting the data warehouse 
viii. Machine H running the source system
a) Machines: A, C, F, G, H
b) Machines: B, D, F, G, H
c) Machines: E, F, H
d) Machines: B, F, G, H
06. Which types of data level security are available in BI Applcations?
i. Operating Unit
ii. Inventory Organization iii. Company Organization 
iv. Ledger 
v. Business Group
vi. Primary Employee/Position Hierarchy-based
a) i.iii,v,vi
b) i,ii,iii,iv
c) i,ii,iii,v,vi
d) i,ii,iii,iv,v,vi
07. Upon which two entities can security be based when using PeopleSoft as source application?
a) Position
b) HR Organization
c) Set Id
d) Business Unit
08. Which two parameters are to be set while configuring BI Applications for Supply Chain Analytics?
a) Inventory Madter Id
b) Category Master Id
c) Category Set ID
d) Inventory Category Set Id
09. In Dashboards, the data security is implemented by _____ .
a) Oracle BI EE using the concept of “WEBGROUPS” session varable
b) Oracle BI EE using the concept of “GROUP” session varable
c) Oracle Data warehouse, using standard relational database features
d) Object security is not implemented in Oracle BI Applications
10. What is the default location where paramether files are created by DAC?
a) $DAC_HOME\Informatica\server\parameters
b) $DAC_HOME\Informatica\parameters
c) $DAC_HOME\ parameters
d) $DAC_HOME\ server\infa_shared\BWParam



Answer: a, b, c


Answer: b


Answer: a, b, c


Answer: b


Answer: b


Answer: d


Answer: a, b


Answer: a, c


Answer: a


Answer: d



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