Oracle 1Z0-573 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

To make you familiar with Oracle PeopleSoft Payables 9.1 Essentials(1Z0-573) certification exam structure, we have prepared this sample question set. We suggest you to try our Demo Oracle OCIS 1Z0-573 Certification Practice Exam to test your understanding of Oracle 1Z0-573 process with real Oracle certification exam environment.

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1Z0-573 Sample Questions:

01. Which three options can be defined on the Voucher Origin page:
Set Up Financials/Supply Chain>Product Related>Procurement Options>Vouchers>Voucher Origin
a) Bank Information (Bank Code and Account)
b) Voucher Amount Limit
c) Payment Terms
d) Control Group usage
e) Workflow Approvals
02. The purpose of the Payables search criteria in the Review Accounts Payable Info is _______ .
a) to save the values in the search fields on inquiry pages so that they need not be keyed in for repeated searches
b) to define the values of the prompts in the inquirypages to limit the data that can be searched
c) to define the search fields that display on specific payables inquiry components
d) to store the results of an inquiry for future retrieval
03. Which two payment review pages have Pay cycle drilldown?
a) Prepayments
b) Detail Data
c) Summary Metric
d) Summary Data
e) Payment
04. The business calendar is used throughout PeopleSoft applications to define nonworking days and holidays for transaction processing. What are four Business Day Validations?
a) No Validation
b) Use Standard Week
c) Use Holiday Calendar
d) Validate Payment Dates
e) Use Leap Year Calendar
f) Validate Custom Calendar
g) Use Secondary Holiday Calendar
05. What report is used to reconcile data from the Payables and Procurement departments?
a) Control Group Register
b) Voucher Register
c) AP/GL Journal Reconciliation Report
d) Match Exception Report
e) AP/GL Open Liability Account Reconciliation Report
06. Which three items are validated against the Financial Sanctions List?
a) Names
b) Payment alternate names
c) Years in Business
d) Withholding alternate names
07. What step is mandatory when creating pay cycles using the Payment Selection Criteria component?
a) Define bank replacement rules.
b) Set up banks and bank accounts.
c) Set up vendor pay groups.
d) Set up netting reference codes and exclusion parameters.
e) Tailor your pay cycle definition.
08. What are four different options for making payments?
a) Wire transfer
b) ACH
c) Giro
d) Chips
e) FIX
09. What are the two required fields to create a personalized search on Matching Workbench?
a) Match Due Date
b) Match Status
c) Voucher ID
d) Business Unit
e) Origin
10. What information does the Scheduled Due Aging metric display?
a) the summary of scheduled payments less than 30 days only
b) the summary of scheduled payments in aging categories 1-30 days, 31-60 days, and over 60 days
c) only overdue payments
d) only overdue payments in aging categories 1-30 days, 31-60 days, and over 60 days



Answer: a, c, d


Answer: b


Answer: a, e


Answer: b, c, e, g


Answer: c


Answer: a, b, d


Answer: d


Answer: a, c, e, f


Answer: b, d


Answer: c


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