Oracle 1Z0-560 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

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1Z0-560 Sample Questions:

01. Which two correctly describe a Project Simulation Model?
a) It is used for simulation across multiple processes.
b) It describes the simulation scenario for a process model.
c) It is associated with shared resources.
d) It is configured using BPMN 2.0 notation.
e) It is driven by parameters provided at application deployment time.
02. Which one empowers the business user to model the business process?
a) BPM Studio
b) BPM Composer
c) Enterprise Manager
d) BPM Analytics
03. How is a data type expressed in BPM Suite 11g?
a) business object
b) data object
c) business item
d) business data
04. To assign a global unique identifier (GUID) to a variable, you would use a(n) _____.
a) simple expression
b) XPath expression
c) XSLT transformation
d) service invocation to a service that provides a GUID
05. How many start and end events can a BPMN process have?
a) only one start event and only one end event
b) only one start event, but multiple end events
c) multiple start events, but only one end event
d) multiple start events and multiple end events
06. Which is the greatest benefit of the closed-loop lifecycle?
a) Realizing continuous process improvement
b) Implementing business change
c) Enabling the business analyst
d) Enhancing collaboration
07. Identify one gateway that cannot have an outgoing conditional path.
a) Exclusive Gateway
b) Inclusive Gateway
c) Parallel Gateway
d) Event Gateway
08. When are the process metrics data captured for all identified sampling points?
a) as the process is executed
b) on completion of the process
c) at regular intervals during the process execution
d) at user-specified intervals
09. Which three can you analyze using simulation?
a) Process throughput and performance
b) Resource allocation for roles
c) Activity-based cost
d) End-to-end production run-time durations
e) ROI
10. You need a set of participants to vote on a task. The appropriate task to use for this pattern is _____.
a) FYI
b) Initiator
c) Group
d) Management



Answer: a, c


Answer: b


Answer: a


Answer: b


Answer: d


Answer: a


Answer: c


Answer: a


Answer: a, b, c


Answer: c

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